Steel And Flesh 2 Mod APK 1.4 (Unlimited everything & money) latest 2022

Steel and flesh 2 mod APK is a strategy game for android. You will create an army to conquer the entire world. You will fight against the computer or environment players. There are two modes in this game: campaign and survival mode. In campaign mode, you have a series of battles with a different goal each time. In survival mode, you can play as long as possible and try to beat all enemy waves by defeating them within the given time limit.
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Steel and flesh 2 mod APK 2022 is a strategy game for android. You will create an army to conquer the entire world.

You will fight against the computer or environment players. There are two modes in Steel and flesh 2 mod APK: campaign and survival mode.

In campaign mode, you have a series of battles with a different goal each time. In survival mode, you can play as long as possible and try to beat all enemy waves by defeating them within the given time limit.

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Also, in battle map views, units from both sides cannot move or attack until the player orders them or meets enemies on their way during the movement phase.

Then units from both sides start firing/fighting each other during the fighting phase based on what happened before in the movement phase (e.g., unit meets enemy -> unit fires).

Fighting is automatic without user interference whatsoever. Strategic aspects of the game are based on selecting appropriate units and positions before each fight. You can choose between 100+ different units with different abilities, attributes, weapons, etc.

Some units need to be unlocked by building up relations with other factions via diplomacy.

The maximum amount of units is 300 (100 per player), which is divided among “reserves” (up to 50), “metropolitan defense zone” (cannot reinforce from outside -> limited slots for reserves), and “field command zone” (fully accessible).

Units typically have one or several weapon types at their disposal, which deal damage depending on unit type, current formation inside the unit group, and what kind of enemy they are facing.

The damage dealt isn’t static but changes over time due to random component in an attack that increases or decreases damage dealt depending on the situation.

Furthermore, unit formations have a huge impact on their combat abilities and efficiency. Units can be organized into groups of up to 9, which form a single group and move and fight together under one order.

Formations in Steel and flesh 2 mod APK

– Line formation: no flanking possible, high armor penetration but low accuracy and low movement speed

– Wedge formation: high flanking possibility but poor armor penetration, so every shot counts because every miss leads to bigger inaccuracy over time till the correct angle is reached again (very effective against single slow/large targets)

– V formation: good flanking possibility with increased firepower at the cost of decreased armor penetration (increased chance for critical hit [greater damage] on each enemy)

– Column formation: immense firepower at the cost of armor penetration which is too low to have any significant effect in most cases.

Every shot counts, so this formation should only be used if the enemy has no anti-artillery capability due to being too close and having no way to retreat.

Echelon formation

an increased chance for accuracy vs. targets that are not fighting back (e.g., artillery, fleeing units) but reduced accuracy vs. fighting-back targets (it’s very easy to hit them since they will always try to evade your shots).

This formation is a great choice unless you want a high volume of fire where column formation shines.

The battle goal can be attacking the enemy base/stronghold, seizing the enemy’s territory, or recapturing your territory.

The battle takes place on the randomly generated map with different features (snow, desert, etc.) where lines of sight are blocked by different objects like trees, mountains, etc.

“Steelyard” is an essential part of the game which you have to build up yourself.

You can build various buildings that unlock new units and upgrade current ones on various levels depending on building type and level.

Each building has its unique strengths and weaknesses as well as different production speed and size capacity.

One building cannot produce more than 1 unit at a time (with some exceptions), so you can queue up to 100+ units which will automatically be produced one after another every few seconds according to their production time.

Production can be sped up by building an additional “production shed” (up to 5), which increases the overall production speed of the entire Steelyard exponentially for each additional building of this type you build.

Buildings are vulnerable to enemy fire, so make sure no enemies are within range of your Steelyard before producing units, attacking, or moving them around the battlefield.

Stronghold is where all your units spawn from and move towards if they have nowhere else to go.

Units cannot pass through it but teleport at its location instead, where they regain their hit points if damaged before resuming their task/orders.

Stronghold has two modes that you use depending on the battle situation

– offensive mode means the enemy ignores Stronghold completely. In contrast, defensive mode makes all enemy attacks against Stronghold very damaging and accurate.

Stronghold can be upgraded on various levels based on building type, which means it will have progressively better parameters every time you upgrade your Steelyard.

PvP mode is where the battle takes place between two players on a randomly generated map where sightlines are blocked by different objects like trees, mountains, etc.

Both players start with their Stronghold and Steelyard, but neither player knows the enemy’s location, so you need to find him using your units as scouts; otherwise, they stand there until discovered -_-

When find, the enemy stronghold is mark as such as well as his production sheds (if any) with short “ping” sound effect which alerts both players about its presence.

To attack your enemy or defend yourself from him, you need to use trained units in your Steelyard.

Unit training is the only way to increase units’ level and thus their strength

– without any upgrade; they can take up to 3 hits from enemy units depending on unit type and production type (unit strength).

You can queue up as many units as you have available spaces for them in Stronghold.

Still, unlike production, unit training takes time, so you cannot produce anything during its process, which also pauses all other processes like building construction or research if one is underway.

No strategy game would be good without the option to automate some of the tasks. Steel and flesh allow pausing almost every process except scouting/attacking since it’s necessary for gameplay.

So you’re tire of playing, pause your game and do whatever you want for as long as you need without worrying about your base/stronghold.

Steel and flesh are create with mobile devices in mind meaning it runs pretty well on PC.

Still, there are some limitations like slower framerate or small screen size, which can be improve by optimizing game graphics (fewer polygons, smaller texture sizes, etc.).

The game adapts to any resolution, so don’t hesitate to try playing it on a 4k monitor if your PC/laptop has the power to handle such a monster.

Steps to download and install Steel and flesh 2 mod APK

1- Download the game by clicking on the mirror you prefer:

2- Unpack downloaded archive and run SteelFlesh.exe file

3- That’s it, enjoy the game!

Note: The game is available for download since the 9th of January, and we haven’t experience any issues with it so far (except for one bug that was fix during the next few hours after being report).

So if you meet some bugs or something like that, please report them to us via email or comment below. We will try to fix as many as possible ASAP. Thank you 🙂

FAQS about Steel and flesh 2 mod APK

1- I don’t have a microphone; can I still play?

Yes, you can. If you don’t have a mic plug in, one will be automatically create by the system and use during all voice actions like joining somebody in a group or asking for help.

The game tries to use the best effort when selecting a specific device, but sometimes it picks the wrong one – if that is the case, remove the default device via Windows sound settings and try again.

2- Can I host my dedicated server?

Although we haven’t tried doing this with Steel And Flesh yet, we’re planning to add this option later, which means yes, at least through manual configuration.

We did the same thing before with our modded version of the Men of War Assault Squad game, which was multiplayer, so there is nothing to worry about.

3- I can’t find my friend’s game. How can I join him?

Since there is no dedicated server, you cannot just open up your game and wait for players to connect, meaning you need a direct connection between both players which requires setting up port forwarding on both sides (you should be familiar with this if you’ve ever used Skype) so two computers can communicate each other directly.

Port forwarding won’t work if either client firewall/router is blocking traffic, but there are ways around that using VPN or disabling all networking devices, so it’s easier to configure.

The game supports hot-join once the host starts his game session (within the first 15 seconds). Still, some security measures are in place, such as encrypting a username before it’s send to the server, preventing username/password sniffing (simple username with any password is not valid), and using a secure connection.

4- Do I need this Steam software to play Steel And Flesh?

No, you don’t. It does nothing but starts the game through its executable, a shortcut created by Steam for your convenience.

But you can always download and install Game Maker Studio separately and start it manually without Steam.

5- Can I run this mod on an older PC?

Yes, if your system fulfills minimum requirements, of course 🙂

Also, keep in mind that everything depends on map size, so there are more fps outside buildings than inside them due to the smaller number of polygons visible at once plus fewer effects and extra props.

6- Are there any know issues?

One major bug can happen when you disconnect during the host’s server menu and another small issue when joining certain servers depending on an internet connection.

Still, we’re currently looking into this and fixing it as much as possible in the next few days so that it won’t be a problem for anyone.

Also, keep in mind that Steam might randomly make your game crash (we experienced around three crashes over 4 hours, which isn’t many); if that happens, restart the game and try again

– we hope to resolve this by hotfix it later on. And lastly, please report everything you find about the game to us, even if it’s minor, like random prop appearing where it shouldn’t; it will help us fix it faster. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

Last words on Steel and flesh 2 mod APK

We finished work on the mod a few days ago, and since then, we have started testing it more in-depth, so if you encounter any problems or something like that, please report them to us via email or leave a comment below this article.

We will try to fix as many bugs as possible ASAP. Thank you 🙂

What's new

1.3.1) The ability to change the size and position of the camera zoom buttons and the "Back" and "Close" buttons. Added 2 modes, " Dynamic "and" One Hit". You can set a password and disable bows in the online game. Fixed bugs.
1.3)New, more user-friendly interface. The ability to scroll through the interface elements with your finger. More convenient recruitment and improvement of soldiers. Added 2 game modes "Capture the Flag" and "Explosion". Ability to disable ads. Added in-game purchases.


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