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If you are looking for new girl friend then no other game can beat the My Rental Girlfriend MOD APK 2022 which is trendy simulation game.
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Do you want to have a girlfriend? Do you want to date someone without the hassle of commitment? Have you always wanted to be in a relationship but are tired of being let down time after time? If so, then my rental girlfriend mod APK 2022 is for YOU!

This app allows users to create their very own custom girlfriends. You can even choose different personalities and appearances!

Lastly, if you are looking for other amazing simulation games then try Episode, Dragon City and Booty Farm which are also perfect games to play.

My Rental Girlfriend MOD APK free Premium Choices

About my rental girlfriend mod APK (unlimited gems and tickets)

A few years ago, my bf and I were looking for something to do on a rainy day. We came across an interesting game online that we decided to try called “My Rental Girlfriend Mod APK 2021”. The object of the game is to pretend you are dating a girl and then post pictures and comments about your “relationship” online. You are even supposed to make up backstories about how you two met, what your first date was like, etc. We thought it sounded like a great idea to play together since we are really shy and also afraid of getting hurt. Most couples probably wouldn’t want their relationship exposed that way but we didn’t feel much risk because we were planning on breaking up soon anyways.

So we started playing the game and it was a lot of fun! We would make up different scenarios for each other and post them online. It was like we were dating. We even started calling each other by our fake names in the game. I was “Aya” and he was “Taro”. Aya is my first name and Taro is his middle name. We used our real photos but we changed our ages to 20 years old since that was the game’s average age.

Because of this game, both of us started becoming more confident in talking to strangers online. It was kind of like “dating practice”. Aya even met some of her online friends in person. She lives in the countryside so not many people get a chance to go there, but some of her online friends did visit Aya and even went on little trips together.

My Rental Girlfriend MOD APK latest version

key features of My Rental Girlfriend Mod APK No Root

1- Mini games to play

There are a few different mini-games that you can play in the game. One is called “Love Tester” and it tells you how compatible you and your partner are. Another is the “Pillow Talk” game where you give each other compliments.

2- Create your avatar

You can create your avatar to look like whichever you want. You can have a female or male avatar and also change their clothes etc.

3- Sweet voice acting

There is a lot of high-quality voice acting in the game which you can turn on or off as you please. It enhances the gaming experience a lot! Also, Aya will say things to Taro depending on where they are in their relationship. If they are just friends she won’t be shy around him, but if they are dating she might refuse to kiss him for example.

4- Lots of customization options

You can customize your character from head to toe! It’s especially fun if you use the same avatar as your online friends since it makes it more believable that they know each other. He can even give her a new hairstyle!

5- Thousands of items to buy

There are thousands of items to buy from furniture, clothing, and even pets! You can also decorate your home with what you’ve bought.

6- Lots of different events

The event scenes in the game are high quality and there are tons of them. Aya will wear different outfits depending on the season as well as holidays like Christmas etc. Sometimes she does special things for Taro’s birthday or if it’s their anniversary date. You can also use diamonds which you earn by playing games to skip any scene you don’t want to see again but I would recommend against doing that since a lot of work went into making those scenes! Also, some games can only be played if you have a certain amount of relationship points with Aya.

7- Realistic graphics

The graphics in My Rental Girlfriend unlimited points are very realistic especially for a web browser-based game! There is tons of detail put into each scene as well as characters. Their faces and movements are incredibly life-like as well as their outfits. Their eyes even sparkle when they talk to you!

8- Different endings

Depending on how good your relationship is, there will be different endings to the story which makes it more interesting. You can also unlock CGs from other games by playing this one which adds a lot more fun!

9- Talk to your partner

“Talk” is a really important part of the game. Not only will it increase your Relationship Points, but you can also get to know each other better by talking about your favorite foods, colors, etc.

10- Marriage system

Another key feature of the game is the marriage system. If you are lucky enough to get married to Aya, you will have exclusive access to events and items only available to married couples!

11- Achievements and trophies

There are a lot of achievements and trophies to be earned in the game. Some are easy while others are very hard. It’s a fun challenge trying to get them all!

12- Photo album

A photo album is a place where you can save all of your favorite pictures with Aya. You can also write captions for each one and post them on social media like Twitter or Facebook!

13- Quests in My Rental Girlfriend mod APK

There are lots of quests in the game which will keep you busy for a long time. Some of them are easy while others are very hard. Completing them all is a challenge!

14- Dating system

The dating system in the game is unique. It’s not just a simple “give her gifts and she’ll be happy” type of thing. You have to work hard to earn her love!

15- Different poses

When you’re talking to Aya, she might pose in different ways. For example, she might cross her arms if she’s mad at you, or she might blush if she likes-likes you.

16- Mini games in My Rental Girlfriend mod APK

There are lots of fun mini-games that your character can play with Aya! You can also play them yourself to earn diamonds which can be used to purchase items like furniture for your home. The mini-game pictured above is the popular candy wrapper game!

17- Expansions in My Rental Girlfriend mod APK

If you’re a fan of the original My Girlfriend is the President then this one will please you since it has a lot of similar features and gameplay. Some expansions include new storylines, pets, etc. It’s a pleasant surprise each time a new expansion comes out!

18- Customization

You can change the names of all of the characters in this game. There are also only seven girls to choose from right now so if you’re hoping for more love interests, keep your eyes open for future updates!

19- Customizable clothing

Your character has lots of different outfits which he can wear. Aya will even say different things depending on what you’re wearing! Also, each outfit comes with an accessory so you can show off your sense of style!

my rental girlfriend mod apk (unlimited gems and tickets)

MOD features of My Rental Girlfriend mod APK

1- Mod Money

2- No ads

3- Free shopping

FAQS about my rental girlfriend mod APK

Q: What is “My Rental Girlfriend mod APK is the President”?

A: It’s a Japanese otome game (dating sim) where the main character falls in love with his new girlfriend who happens to be the president of the United States!

Q: Why did you make this mod?

A: I was very frustrated that my progress wasn’t saved after updating to version 1.1.2 so I decided to make a mod version for other people who are having the same problem!

Q: How did you make this mod?

A: I decompiled my own game and eventually figured out how to edit values such as money and diamonds! After finishing the first version of the mod, I realize that some other features could be unlock, so I did some more research and found out how to add them!

Conclusion of My Rental Girlfriend mod APK

You can find “My Rental Girlfriend unlimited money” in the Android store. If you’re looking for a relationship with benefits, this app is perfect for your needs! The My Rental Girlfriend mod APK will let you download and install on your phone as well as play offline if desired. This program lets men create an avatar that they can then use to talk to various women through video chat or text messaging. It’s full of features like voice customization, photo editing tools, and more so it’s easy to get start meeting new people right away!

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