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Hackers mod APK is a strategy game for android. This game is still in its alpha version, and it looks like the developer of this game is ready for several updates. However, here we can already enjoy some interesting things based on what has been released so far. It's not a total conversion mod like Clash of Clans (this means that it does not modify any graphics or texts). Some original game features seem to be removed, and others are disabled or include changes that make them more difficult or less profitable.
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Download latest version of hackers mod APK latest version

Hackers mod APK 2022 is a strategy game for android. This game is still in its alpha version, and it looks like the developer of this game is ready for several updates.

However, here we can already enjoy some interesting things based on what has been released so far.

It’s not a total conversion mod like Clash of Clans (this means that it does not modify any graphics or texts).

Some original game features seem to be removed, and others are disabled or include changes that make them more difficult or less profitable.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other amazing strategy games then try POCKET ANTS, Steel And Flesh 2 and Smashing Four which are also fun games to play.

Still, overall, we cannot say that there are many modifications. The interface remains very similar, except for some small differences such as an altered menu button and the addition of some new buttons such as “Hackers,” which will be explained later.

The main difference between our world and that of the original game is that there are two new buildings: a laboratory and a training camp.

The Laboratory allows us to win a trophy by doing a single click, which can be done once every 4 hours.

It costs 100 million dollars, but it makes sense to buy it if we have this many resources or more because later on, we will need very expensive trophies for our research (see below).

Our goal at first is to collect three trophies that will allow us to do some researches in the Laboratory. This may sound easy enough, however, obtaining them seems almost impossible at first.

The best method I’ve found so far is to increase my hacking level as high as possible (~4) and then maximize my network’s security.

Then it is a simple matter of disconnecting all the buildings from the network and bulldozing them one by one while hacking – I’ve created a separate tutorial for this method.

Features of Hackers mod APK

Getting Trophies

There is another way to get trophies, but it requires some time investment. It consists of going out in our city and attacking other players to steal money or destroy their buildings (the riskier option).

This can be done either in our city, which means that we shouldn’t have any defense building or army because otherwise, they will shoot us or in other player cities where there are no defenses; we can go ahead and destroy everything if we want.

It’s important not to save up too many trophies at once because negative consequences will bring us.

We should get as many trophies as we need to research and then leave the game alone for a month or two, which is how long it takes for trophies to decay.

Using Trophies in Hackers mod APK

Once we have obtained some trophies, we can start researching in the Laboratory. The first thing I suggest doing is the passive skill tree (the one on your left).

That way, you’ll be able to unlock all kinds of interesting goodies such as new skills, items, weapons. I had no idea what this was about until I unlocked it;

Now, I’m thinking about grinding resources again because some very good things are hidden among those trees!

The next step is getting hacking skills (the one on your right). There are 3 of them, and at this moment, I have only unlocked the first one.

This skill costs five trophies to unlock, but not only does it increase our chances of hacking successfully by 25%, but also every time we use it, it does 10% damage to the building’s health because if we can reduce it to zero, then we don’t have to worry about the system going offline after a certain amount of time.

The last skill is called “hacker mode,” and as far as I know, they haven’t changed its effects from the original game;

It allows us to change our position in case we haven’t been able to enter any other servers for several minutes (this happens quite often) or move around instead of staying still.

A new feature they have added is the “hacking network,” which shows us all the servers we are connected to, their status, security level, etc…

If our avatar appears in red, it means that there’s some danger over there, and if it has a key, then it’s locked. We can’t enter locked servers until we unlock that particular skill in the training camp (explained below).

I haven’t had much need for this so far because my hacking skills are level 1, and I’ve unlocked all available trophies with them. But when everyone starts researching at higher levels, this will become very useful!

Training Camp in Hackers mod APK

This structure allows us to spend trophies to get certain skills that only last one day. The skills are very expensive, but they are really good, that’s why it might be a good idea to save up some trophies until you can afford one of them.

They last only 24 hours once activated, so make sure you activate them at the time you think will be best!

Establishing Connection

Now let’s enter our city again and see what we need to do to connect with another server. We can either attack someone else’s city or go for their resources (which means destroying the resource buildings).

But first, I have something important to say about attacking other players’ cities: Don’t ever use “bulldoze” unless your hacking level is high enough!

Bulldozing someone else’s spawn building causes them to lose trophies, and if their hacking level isn’t high enough, they won’t be able to put it back together, which means they will have no access to the server during all the time.

This happen to me twice now where I bulldozed someone’s building then was successfully hacked by them because my avatar went offline after some minutes, during which my trophy count decayed. It wasn’t fun at all!

Let’s now focus on stealing resources instead of destroying buildings. If our city is within a certain range from another player’s spawn building.

We can see its security level, number of resource deposits it has, etc. This makes planning ahead easier.

Once you’ve done your research, select one or more with the attack skill activated and a low level, then open fire.

You’ll see that your shooting power is double, which means two shots from the same building will need to take it out.

To make this work, you need to have enough ammo and fuel. In my early days, I used all of them trying to attack cities with several deposit types.

Still, after a while, I came up with a better strategy:

Once you’ve hacked into a city that has every resource available, only hack the buildings that produce one specific resource until you can’t hack it anymore because it’s an “anomaly,” then go for another type of deposit until you get back to the anomaly again.

The result is not having to carry more than 7-8 different resources to build stuff, which adds up to several thousand of that resource.

On the other hand, if you have a friend with you that has the “trade” skill activated, then both of you can hack into two different cities at once and share resources!

This is what I do whenever I’m playing with another person; it’s much better than attacking alone because most people are not aware of this trading trick yet.

This way, they won’t even notice that their resources are stole. Sometimes they’ll see it on their resources count, but by the time they realize it’s too late since they will already have lost them all.

When mindlessly stealing resources from one city without enough research do, we might get catch in the act!

I’ve had my avatar get delete several times now because someone was trying to prepare themselves for an attack on us even though raiding wasn’t what we were there for in the first place.

In this case, this guy was not lucky enough to end up deleting my avatars; they end up getting hack instead!

He then took all of our fuel and ammo, which left us unable to do anything but watch helplessly as he attacked us with everything he had.

The result was losing everything except for a single spawn building which also got destroy two minutes later. This dupe mechanic is horrible, and it needs to be fixe ASAP !!

Features of Hackers mod APK

1- Action-packed gameplay

2- Merge battles, so you never have to fight alone!

3- Manage and improve your city by controlling its economy, military power, and scientific research.

4- Hire soldiers from a wide variety of unique classes.

5- Attack other cities or raid their resources without having to declare war.

6- Invite friends to help defend against stronger enemies with the help of Rally Flags.

7- Trade with another player using the Trade skill to gather resources faster!

8- Create your clan and join forces with other clans for both of you to benefit from working together (more features planned).

9- Build a fortress around your spawn building as an additional protection measure (coming soon).

10- And much more!

Game controls

– WASD or arrow keys to move.

– ZXCVB or NUMPAD8/2/4/6 to select options.

– Spacebar / X / Left mouse button to confirm choices.

Notes: – You can walk around even without any resources by the use of Rally Flags.

– Buildings that are under attack will have their health reduce continuously until they’re destroy, but you cannot do anything about it except watch helplessly as your city gets loot!

– The more soldiers you hire at once, the more expensive each one becomes due to their lower level. If this game interests you, check out its official website here.

Steps to download and install Hackers mod APK

1- As always, go to Download Emulators and download the latest version of “Droid4x”. Don’t also forget to download the supporting app as well as its bios file.

2- Once you have everything downloaded, install Droid4x first, then install the bios file.

3- After installing, it will ask you to configure a joystick, so just press any key on your keyboard until it installs all the necessary drivers.

Don’t worry about this step. Nothing will happen since we won’t be using a real joystick for this game!

4- Now that everything is ready to go, click the Search button from Droid4x and type in APK. From there, go ahead and install “Hackers mod,” which should be up and running in no time!

FAQS about Hackers mod APK

1- What happens after I install the game?

After installing, you will be able to play it by simply clicking on the “Hackers mod” icon from within Droid4x.

2- It keeps crashing when trying to start; what should I do?

This seems to happen mainly because Droid4x didn’t configure a joystick properly during installation, so go back and follow steps 3 and 4 again, then try running the game again.

Any other problems, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll try our best to help you out! Enjoy playing!

Last words on Hackers mod APK

I hope this article helped teach you how to download and play Hackers mod APK; if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for more articles like this!

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