Godus MOD APK v0.0.28183 (Unlimited Belief/Money) Latest Version 2022

Godus mod APK is a new game that lets you play as the almighty God and show your followers how to live.
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Godus mod APK 2022 is a new game that lets you play as the almighty God and show your followers how to live.

On the other hand, You can build schools, hospitals, and other buildings that will make their lives easier. The player must use their divine powers to help them cross each level by providing food, water, shelter, and entertainment for the people of their territory.

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Introduction of Godus game

Godus mod apk + obb was created by Peter Molyneux and publish by 22cans on play store, who is the co-founder of Lionhead Studios.

On the other hand The game was first released on September 19th, 2013 for Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Lastly, The game has you taking on the role of a god, and you have to help create a new world.

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The gameplay of Godus game

The goal of the game is to have people look up to you as their god, and they worship you. You can do that by building great monuments for them or doing quests that please them.

Also, This makes it so that people are more likely to follow your commandments, which are created via a touch screen on mobile devices.

How to Play Godus game on PC?

Playing the Godus Mod APK (Unlimited Everything) on your console is more of an automatic process, but you can also play it on your computer if you own the XBOX 360 version of the game.

Furthermore, To download this game, just search up godus Xbox one pc, and that will bring up a variety of websites that will allow you to download the game for free.

Godus mod APK offline

Once you have the game downloaded, open it up and it will start automatically. If it doesn’t start automatically, then look for the godus icon on your desktop or in your programs, and double click on it.

You can also find this by pressing the Windows key and typing in Godus or whatever else you’d like to search. Once you find the game, right-click it and press play. This will allow you to play on your computer, rather than your console.

key features of the Godus game

1- Act as GOD

You can sculpt the land, create and control natural forces, dictate the development of your people, and reward or punish them according to your will.


Your touch screen commands allow direct control over your followers.

godus apk


Monumental achievements will earn your people’s admiration and bring you closer to becoming the true creator of all life on land.

4- NATURE in Godus mod APK

Natural disasters such as flooding, rockslides, and earthquakes will keep you on your toes as you strive to maintain a thriving civilization with sufficient resources to survive.

5- Leadership is CRUCIAL

Your people will judge you by your actions and their devotion to you hinges entirely upon a wise and just leader.

6- DIPLOMACY of Godus mod APK

Some factions may seek an alliance with you while others may choose to stand in defiance against your godly rule. How you react to this is up to you but beware of those who oppose your rule!


Build a new world alongside other aspiring creators from around the world. Connect straight to Facebook and share your moments of glory with family and friends!


The world of the game is a living 3D environment as opposed to an empty plain, ready for you to sculpt it from rock or sand before introducing life in the form of your devoted followers.


Customize both your abode and those who inhabit it by investing resources into creating a unique vision that will attract more people to your cause.


You’ll be able to acquire special abilities that can be used during gameplay such as making natural disasters occur more frequently or decreasing their intensity at will. There are also power-ups placed on the map which provide other interesting effects such as speeding up your followers or completing construction projects instantly.

MOD features of Godus latest Mod APK

1- God Mode

2- Infinite Faith

3- Instant Power Cards

4- Add Skullbucks

5 – Experience Mod

6 – Skill Points Mod NEW!

7 – Unlock All Cards

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FAQS about Godus mod APK

Q: Does Godus mod APK work on Mac or PC?

A: No. Only android devices are currently supported for this game. The mod is available to download, but it is only for Android devices.

Q: What about iOS users?

A: As of now, there are no plans to bring Godus onto the iPhone because it already has a version of the game that is available to users.

Q: Is Godus mod APK available on the Kindle?

A: No, the only version of the game available for Kindle is through Amazon Underground. It costs $0 because it is a free-to-play game.

Q: Are there any cheat codes I can use?

A: You can use our Godus mod apk with cheat codes to hack the game. For instructions, click here.

Q: How do I download it?

A: We have a detailed article about how to download the Godus mod apk on your android phone/tablet. You can find it here.

Q: Do I need to root my device for this to work?

A: No, rooting is not necessary. However, if you do choose to root your device, you may have better success with the mod.

Q: Will this work with future updates?

A: Yes, the mod will be updated as needed to ensure compatibility with future updates.

Conclusion of Godus mod APK

Godus is an amazing game that allows you to become a god and create a life for other people. On the other hand, It has many features, and the design of the game works very well on both computers and consoles.

Moreover, The graphics are very clear with bright colors, but not too much so. Godus is one of the best games around, and it will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Lastly, If you have any more questions about this game, feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading my article.

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