Draw Joust Mod APK 2.99 (Unlimited Money) Latest Version 2022

Draw joust mod APK is an action game for android. The game is based on a famous TV show. There are seven contestants you can choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The graphics are 3D rendering, which fits nicely into the battle scene.
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Draw joust mod APK  2022 is an action game for android which is publish and offer by VOODOO. The game is based on a famous TV show.

There are seven contestants you can choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The graphics are 3D rendering, which fits nicely into the battle scene.

When you start playing, your initial character will be Robert Baratheon. You will automatically receive his special equipment-Steel Warhammer.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other amazing action games then try Grimvalor MOD, Sniper Strike and TRANSFORMERS Forged to Fight etc.

If you have to fight against him in jousting matches, this weapon will have a significant advantage over other contestants’ weapons.

The damage value for this weapon is 35 points for each strike, while others only 20 points per strike or less( Stannis’s war hammer has 24 points).

To make up for this advantage, I suggest wearing heavy armor to reduce the opponent’s speed because speed is one of the most significant factors in jousting matches.

The game is divided into several stages; each stage has different quests you need to complete to get advanced. After completing the quests, you will receive some items and increase your honor bar.

The honor bar is essential because it allows you to unlock new weapons and armors, which can be upgraded by using gold coins.

There are three kinds of cash in the game, each for a different purpose: silver coin can be used to purchase items or upgrade equipment;

The golden coin can buy things that require large amounts of resources; purple cash awarded when completed special missions, such as finishing daily assignments with 100% accuracy 20 times consecutively, etc., so keep playing to more coins.

Jousting matches are the central part of this game; there are five types of jousting matches:

  1. Joust against another rider;
  2. Joust against a group of riders;
  3. Capture all flags in the given time limit;
  4. Defeat all opponents within 3 minutes;
  5. Defeat all opponents with more than 50% health points left.

The easiest way to win any joust is using Robert Baratheon’s weapon because it has advantages over other contestants’ weapons, but if you want to finish off your enemy quickly, then wearing heavy armor will help you immensely(Remember that speed is one of the critical factors in winning).

Another tip for winning is always to pay attention to the speed of your horse. You can control its speed by holding or releasing the “left slide” button; try to keep close to your enemy because it will decrease their accuracy if you’re too far away from them.

You may have noticed that some contestants have more than one weapon in their inventory, which means they can equip two weapons simultaneously.

If they are using a spear, it’s recommend to use heavy armor because spears are generally slow but have high damage points.

As for shield knights, wearing heavy armor with large shields is good, so they won’t have an advantage over you when jousting, but speed is still critical, so don’t forget about it!

To sum up, this game deserves to be play by all Game of Thrones fans. Even if you’re not a fan, there are still reasons for you to play this game. For example, it’s free with good graphics and smooth gameplay.

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads while playing the game

Steps to download and install the game

1- First, get it from Google Play

2- Click the downloaded file to install Draw Joust Mod APK 1.0.6 file and click “install.”

3- When finished, open the app drawer or all apps on an Android phone and find Draw Joust Mod APK, run the game and have fun!

FAQS about Draw joust mod APK

Q: How to download this game?

A: I assume you already know how to do that, but if not, here’s the link: How to Download any Game or App for Android

Q: Why is there only one character in Draw Joust Mod APK?

A: Make sure your device meets the minimum requirement(Android 4.1) and make sure your device has at least 1 GB of RAM before installing this modded version. If it still can’t work, please contact me through the comment box below.

Q: Can I play other versions of Game of Thrones on my android phone?

A: Yes, you can use other versions such as GoT Conquest but Draw Joust Mod APK is different because it’s more fast-paced and has good graphics.

Q: Where to look for the latest version of Draw Joust Mod APK?

A: You can’t find it anywhere because this is the only one available so far; I will update as soon as another mod is release.

Last words on Draw joust mod APK

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this MOD version of Game of Thrones. If you have any other questions or want to know which character is the best to choose from, don’t hesitate to ask me through the comment box below. Thank you for being with us, and keep playing!

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