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Construction simulator 2 mod APK is a simulation game for android. This game is perfect, and its graphics are fantastic. It's a construction, management, and simulation game to build your dream house in the city. This modded version has unlimited money and stars, which will help to complete the levels quickly. In this simulator, you have to make houses for people from different places in the city. You have to get contracts from all over the country.
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Construction simulator 2 mod APK is a simulation game for android. This game is perfect, and its graphics are fantastic.

It’s a construction, management, and simulation game to build your dream house in the city. This modded version has unlimited money and stars, which will help to complete the levels quickly.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other amazing simulation games then try Designer City, Construction simulator 3 and City Island 2 which are also perfect games to spend free time.

In this simulator, you have to make houses for people from different places in the city. You have to get contracts from all over the country.

There are many difficulty levels in this building management world adventure mobile simulation game, including highway road development, private hospital construction, etc.

In this APK mod, there are around 50 missions to complete with plenty of things to do, including plane landing on a runway and digging holes by an excavator.

It has excellent construction site parking games graphics along with realistic car driving controls on the road.

This game is very addictive and fun to play with family and friends. It’s a physics-based game where you will enjoy every part of the gameplay.

The thing I didn’t like about this game was that it becomes too dull after some levels, which can be fixed by turning off the time setting of this game in stages, so it’s not required to complete every level within a specific time limit if you are having trouble unlocking next level.

By installing this modded version, you will get everything unlocked, so no need to worry about anything. It’s one of the best construction simulator games for android users.

Features of Construction simulator 2 mod APK

1- Unlimited money and stars

2- Every level unlocked

3- Unlimited fuel

4- No time limit to complete a construction level

5- Graphics improved than the original version.

6- Undo function added in this modded version, so there is no need to worry about anything after making any wrong decisions.

You can quickly go back if you don’t like the changes you made in your house. This undo button will help you a lot in future levels when required.

Now it’s easy to fix things if they are not moving well with each other, and there is no need to start over again from scratch.

7- Planes land on the runway without crashing into the building or flying away from the airport !!!

(it’s possible now) . This was missing in the original version, which was required to complete some levels.

8- More details added in house interiors. Now it’s easy to decorate rooms with furniture and other objects.

9- Car driving controls are improved than the original version, so now it’s easier to do things, but still, you will need practice to master the game.

10- No limits on buildings size, so build it as big as you like !! (max 10 floors supported).

It’s only up to your imagination how you want your building design to look.

Keep in mind that the higher the level, the more time will be consumed by the android device while rendering graphics for this game.

This problem can be solved by lowering the android specs setting in your phone’s settings menu if you are having trouble.

11- This is the first construction simulator game with planes and excavators. Most of the other construction simulation games only have trucks and cranes.

So, it’s an excellent addition to an already extensive list of unique features.

For those who like launching things into space (just like me), an excavation machine is your weapon of choice, which you can use to dig holes anywhere anytime !!! .

This feature will be required at some levels of this Simulation Building Game, so don’t forget to purchase it as soon as possible after getting enough money from completing the previous level.

12- It’s a physics-based building management world adventure mobile simulation game where you need to make sure that no objects are overlapping each other or else they will explode !!! .

You have limited money and stars for each level, so use it wisely. Make sure to read the help tutorial before starting the next level in this Android game to know what you are required to do.

13- Every mission has three different difficulty levels (accessible medium-hard).

The higher the difficulty, the higher will be the reward you get after completing that mission successfully.

You need money for purchasing land to build a house or building on it. So, complete all levels with 3 stars to get more money in this simulation game full of construction adventures.

14- This is not a standalone app, so it needs the main Construction Simulator 2 game installed on your android device to work correctly.

Please install the original game first, then install this modded APK + data file into your device and enjoy the unlimited money and stars in this Android game.

More tips to clear levels more quickly.

1- Buy an excavator as soon as you have enough money to purchase it after completing the previous level successfully.

This will help you while digging holes or removing objects from construction sites, so don’t forget to buy it.

It will come in very handy at some levels of this building adventure game for sure.

2- Make sure that none of your objects overlap with other things; otherwise, they will explode, which will cause the game to end.

So, make sure to delete them by tapping on them twice before checking whether they are overlapping with each other or not (tap once again if asked).

Also, keep an eye on the time because there is no time limit in this game (unlike other construction simulation games).

3- Check the help tutorial at the beginning of each level to know how much money and stars you need to complete the level successfully.

If you are stuck at any level, check out the walkthrough video available on youtube to learn how to achieve that particular mission !!! .

There is also no time limit for completing each task, so take your time while planning your next move.

4- You can sell everything on your site by tapping on it twice, even if it’s required to complete the building design.

So, use this tip wisely while playing this modded Android game so that you don’t waste any valuable resources which may be required later at some levels of Construction Simulator 2 Mod APK.

5- If you want to, you can also remove dirt by tapping on it twice before selling it.

This will boost your money and stars in this adventure simulation game, so don’t forget to do it if you have enough time before starting the next level of this building game.

6- You may not be able to complete a level because of less available money or stars at the end of a story.

But that’s ok as I provided unlimited cash and leads for this Android game so you can play until reaching the last level without worrying about anything.

All classes are accessible even after completing previous ones successfully, so you can keep playing forever as long as there is no risk of losing the original difficulty settings !!!.

MOD features

  • Unlimited money
  • No ads No need to root the device

Steps to download and install the game

1- Go to your Android settings and enable the “Unknown sources” option (for security reasons)

2- Download the modded APK file of Construction Simulator 2 from the below link and save it on your device

3- Open the downloaded file and let it install. After installation, open the app drawer in the emulator, and you will see two new entries for the game with no need to verify it again against Google Play Services.

4- You can now enjoy unlimited money, stars, and cash income in this modded Android game without worrying about losing chances of winning levels when the boss is coming nearby.

This trick works for both rooted/unrooted android devices, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

FAQS about Construction simulator 2 mod APK

Q: I am getting a “Google Play Services has stopped working” error even after verifying the application against the Google Play store. Why is this happening?

A: This happens because your device can not connect to the Internet or there is a problem with your mobile Internet connection.

Please check the mobile network and Internet connection before reporting this error message.

Q- My boss is coming while I remove dirt from the site, but I have enough time to complete the task before he reaches me; why does he still get angry? He should be happy that his work is doing more work than assigned tasks !!!

A: In Construction Simulator 2 Mod APK, your priority must be to remove dirt from the construction site as soon as possible so you can show him some progress on the construction site at least.

If you are not removing dirt on time, it will overflow, and the boss will get angry even though you completed all other tasks.

While playing this game, make sure that you don’t remove dirt too slow, or else you may lose the level !!!

Q- Why can’t I sell specific resources after completing a construction task?

A: Please use your resources wisely to complete more levels of this Android game.

You don’t need to invest heavily on every level as there is no end to this game; it never gets over !!! .

So, try keeping some money and stars (at least one million) before starting any construction site because most of them require two million dollars at least.

The only thing that matters here is your building design skills, but don’t worry if you are new to this game, as I have provided a complete tutorial with a video walkthrough.

Q- Why are there fewer available resources at the end of each construction site?

A: The boss will make payment after completing each task, so try completing the task as soon as possible before the boss arrives.

If you are not completing a level before the boss comes, he may not be happy and offer his services for a low price, resulting in less money per level.

If you want more stars per completed task, try finishing them without any delay !!!.

Last words on Construction simulator 2 mod APK

I played this Android game for a couple of days and finally shared this excellent modded version with you guys.

So, there is just one question in your mind that this mod apk work. Well, if you are still wondering about it, then let me answer this for you.

It works perfectly on my Galaxy S5 device without any bug or glitch. To get unlimited money, stars, and cash income, all you need to do is download the Construction Simulator 2 Mod Apk from the below link and install it on your android phone/tablet.

What's new

Fixed some crashes



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